Buying Expired Domain Names? You’d like to Read This First

As you should already know, failing to renew your domain in the one month extension will set your domain in the expired domain status and it will be open for sale. This is the best moment for you to buy an expired domain – and the faster you act the better domains you can get.

However, you don’t just buy any expired domains (unless you really like the domain name), there are few steps of qualification you must do in order to get the goodies out of the domains.

  1. Check for Domain Authority and Page Authority

There are various sites online and web tools that can help you out through this scanning process. The most common ones are Moz and Open Site Explorer. DA/PA are very important for the value of the domain you are buying and can determine the SEO quality you can get out of the domain. Preferred value Is usually 25+.

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  1. Google Black List status

Even if the authority value is great, if the site is banned by Google you can’t do nothing with it as it can’t rank on the search engines. You can always request for Google to release your domain if the value is high and you can endure the process.

  1. Other Bans

There are many domains that are banned from other services, especially Google Adsense. And if you want to use the traffic and monetize the expired domain, make sure you check if the site is banned from AdSense and other monetizing networks.

  1. Check for content via Archive

Not a must, but it is very useful to check the expired domain via WayBack machine and see all the archived blog posts and pages that you might use on the same site.

  1. PageRank

It’s a trend for people that work with domain sales to fake the PR on the expired domains in order to sell them better. Use Tools and web apps that are legitimate and can determine the true value of the page rank of the expired domains. Preferably, SemRush are have great tools on this subject and can be useful for the need.

So, use the above mentioned factors when looking out for expired domains. They can raise many red flags and determine if you made a good deal, or a bad deal – and once you get a bad domain it will be really hard to sell it. Have you bought your expired domain name yet?