All about Generic Domain Names and their Extreme Power

Read this article and discover everything you need to know about generic domain names and their extreme power! Get all information here! Domain names are very important to businesses, organizations, brands, products, services, marketing, and etc. One essential thing that so many businesses and individuals fail to realize is the utmost power generic domain names hold. In this article, we are going to talk about the generic domain names and their utmost power. Let’s start by presenting the difference between brand name and generic term.

The Difference between Brand Name and Generic Term

A business brand name is a term used in the marketing area and it is not always known to individuals. A generic term is a name that is already known to somebody. For example, Fandango is a brand that sells movie tickets. In this case, Fandango is the brand and movie tickets is the generic term.

A lot of people asked the same question – Why is a generic domain such as movietickets.com so valuable and important?

Well, people usually go to a search engine and they type movie tickets if that is what they need at the moment. It is already a familiar term to them, relates to what they need, and it is easily remembered. On the other hand, the term Fandango is not a word that is naturally typed, known or remembered, unless, of course, the brand is globally recognized due to advertisement or promotion.

The point is that people naturally and usually search for generic terms such as movie tickets and not brand names such as Fandango. The search engines also love aged, generic, and .com domain names.

So what actually ranks #1 on the search engines for the generic term movie tickets? The generic domain movietickets.com is followed by its matching account on Twitter or @movietickets. Remember, the internet is run by keywords. If you search for the keywords movie tickets, a Google’s job is to give you relevant results to it. The generic domain name movietickets.com also back the #1 top tier ranking by doing a campaign on AdWords. We can conclude that movietickets.com holds the top 3 spots for a keyword or term that is searched millions and millions of time in one month.
Fandango, as a brand name does a great job as well. This term is ranked well for the generic domain movietickets.com, however, it is below the fold at the #3 spot.
We can say that movietickets.com is the clear winner of this battle. And all of this is because of the premium generic .com domain name such as movietickets.com. If you are looking for a search domain platform to check   if your domain is available, here is a link for you: www.shopify.com/domains/search-availability

What about the competition? Well, now MovieTickets.com and Fandango are not the only two companies who sell movie tickets. There are other businesses and brands that sell movie tickets as well. There is a new startup called Atom. The reason why this startup is so special is because it is backed by huge companies such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Lionsgate, and etc. The Atom is funded at $50 million. However, the problem for this startup is they don’t rank on the web at all. If you type movie tickets, you won’t be able to find Atom. So, how does atom tickets relate to a generic keyword already popular among the masses? It doesn’t. You need to remember that branding is really important, so Atom being something than they really are on the web, the domain atomtickets.com is a really big problem. The point of everything is that people naturally are looking for common and generic terms. Generic domain names make amazing brand domains and are powerful tools to use to help promote your business, your products, and services!